Ray Knightley

Next to my praxis as a traditional farrier, I was always interested in alternative materials for shoeing horses. Very lucky to have met Monique and John Craig from EponaMind in 2012 and have had the privilege of working very closely with them ever since.
The concept of EponaMind is very interesting for those dedicated to maintaining the health and wellbeing of equines, using modern technology in this industry is an inevitable development in this day and age. Being a simple farrier myself I am very happy to be able to help farriers in using this technology and very happy to be able to offer it also to veterinarians.

Ray Knightley


  • German state qualified and state acknowledged farrier for horses and bovine.
  • Certified European farrier.
  • 30 years full time farrier.
  • Managing director of the EponaMind GmbH (Germany).

Trimming and Measurement of the Hoof – Sponsored by EponaMind


Barefoot…. metal…. polyurethane? It won’t matter if the hoof is not trimmed
properly. No shoeing system does miracles on its own. Nothing can make up for a poor trim.
So, the trim must be the focus. But…. its hard to teach…. even the best followers of a particular trimming guru can be seen to trim differently than their guru! The eye is easily fooled by the variations the hoof can take on, and everyone sees things a little differently.

We are interested in proper trimming and also the goal of “evidence-based soundness” — the pursuit of methods that get past approaches solely based on subjective opinion.

The EponaCam, coupled with Metron-Hoof software allow you to document the hoof in the most accurate and professional way. The EponaCam makes such record keeping both easy and accurate, and adds valuable information to the patient record so that both the veterinarian and farrier can do their jobs at state-of-the-art levels.



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