Ngareta Linehan
Business Coach (AUS)

CPA qualified with a Business degree, Ngareta had a corporate career in Accounting and Executive Recruitment spanning 20 years prior to running her own Executive Recruitment business.
In 2012, Ngareta was fortunate enough to be included in the Sydney Pilot of an International Business Coaching program called “Halftime”. As a direct result of completing the Halftime Program, Ngareta embarked on a transition to Business Coach and she has been enjoying imparting Business and Communication skills to small business owners (including those located in Correctional Facilities) ever since.
In 2018, Ngareta commenced as NSW Regional Manager – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) with Konekt Limited.
In July 2018, Ngareta was successful in securing the Women in Business Scholarship from Sydney University Business school and undertook University of Sydney MBA (Leadership and Enterprise). Ngareta believes this cutting edge/experiential learning environment will equip her with the skills to continue to assist business owners to thrive in our increasingly complex business environment both now and in the future.


Q&A with Farriers who earn more today than they did a year ago!
(I.e. Before attending last year’s Australian Farriers Conference)


At last year’s conference I looked at the REAL cost of shoeing a horse, encouraged Farriers to train their clients to treat them as professionals and demonstrated that small changes to Farrier behaviour could see Farriers take home more income to their families. Today, I would like to conduct a Q&A session with some Farriers who took on board some of my recommendations and as a result earn more now than they did a year ago.


Plumbers keep $40 of every $100 they invoice….Do you?


Last year I talked about how to earn more income from your Farrier business. This year, I would like to give you some practical “scripts” to help with the “how to” of making changes (to the way you do business) without losing ALL of your current customers.


You need to hear what I have been saying to your Partners!
(FREE session with complimentary lunch & tradeshow from AFC)


At last year’s conference I encouraged Farriers to train their clients to treat them as professionals. Small changes to Farrier behaviour could see Farriers take home more income. Some Farriers made changes to the way they did business and as a result earned more. Some did not! Making changes can be scary; Some Customers might get angry and stop using your partners Farrier services. On tough days, your partner may need your support and encouragement because some customers are not worth keeping!

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