Mike Hayward
Farrier (USA)

Mike Hayward is a seasoned professional Farrier who runs a successful multi-Farrier business in the California Bay Area.

Mike’s love for wildlife began at a young age and he went on to study Animal Care at Cannington College in England. Mike has worked with a wide range of animals throughout his career, from elephants to penguins to chimpanzees. When Mike began his career with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus working on Elephant hoof care, his desire to teach and learn from other hoof care professionals lead him to learn about horse feet. Mike attended Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School and graduated top 1% of his class. He also earned his AFEC Certification and APF-I credential. He spends time cross training with other farriers and hoof care professionals from all over world. He also makes it a priority to give back to the Farrier community through guest speaking engagements, mentoring, and teaching at clinics and Horseshoeing Schools. Mike recently finished his three year tenure as a Director on the Board of Directors AAPF / IAPF.


Many different ways to shoe a cat – Thinking inside or outside the box, and different ways to succeed at both (Part 2) – Combined Presentation with Laura Gillespie


This presentation will bring to you a new outlook on finding solutions for several shoes and multiple ways to modify each. We will be looking at the purpose of each shoe, its function and application/ use as well as the Pros and cons of shoe, materials used and environmental factor considerations while aiming to achieve the same mechanical outcome for the betterment of the horse and your individual practice.



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