Laura Gillespie
Farrier (USA)

Laura was inspired to be a farrier at 14 years old, by farrier Steve Eastman when he built a series of patton bar shoes out of barstock for her mare that had lacerated her tendons and partial suspensory in an accident.
She took classes for horseshoeing at Montana state university 2001 and then attended Oklahoma Horseshoeing school in 2010

Throughout my career she has been heavily involved with the American Farriers Association, the American Association of Professional Farriers, and several regional associations
Currently, she is a highly sought after farrier in the Huntsville Alabama area, although her practice extends into Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Florida seasonally. She works with many wonderful veterinarians and trainers on hunters, jumpers, dressage and professional roping horses.

She uses an extensive variety of shoes in her practice, therapeutic and basic, steel and aluminium, modifying whichever way required at the horse.
Continuing education along with having a strong network with the farrier community, are definitely keys in her providing the best up to date hoof care possible.


Many different ways to shoe a cat – Thinking inside or outside the box, and different ways to succeed at both (Part 1) – Combined Presentation with Mike Hayward


This presentation will bring to you a new outlook on finding solutions for several shoes and multiple ways to modify each. We will be looking at the purpose of each shoe, its function and application/ use as well as the Pros and cons of shoe, materials used and environmental factor considerations while aiming to achieve the same mechanical outcome for the betterment of the horse and your individual practice.


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