Kuo Sheng-Yen
Farrier (TAIWAN)

Growing up in a small fishing village, Kuo’s generation of family lived and earnt from the ocean until his grandfather brought him ashore for schooling. It was in secondary school that Kuo saw his first real horse and it was at that moment he fell in love with the horse.

After completing college and military service, Kuo went to Mitch Taylor’s Horseshoeing School in Kentucky, USA where he worked with several Farriers and vets to complete his apprenticeship. Moving back home to Taiwan, Kuo began devoting his knowledge and skills to the horses in his country.

Kuo was luckily invited being part of official farrier team at WEG in Tryon 2018 and is currently listed to attend Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


How the Environment treats Farriers in Taiwan


Taiwan is an island country with limited land, having only a couple thousand horses.
Most of them are imported from Europe for English riding in Hunter Jumper and Dressage disciplines. With only a few full-time farriers to cover all the horses, labour shortage is becoming an increasing problem. With more horses being imported in recent years so is the rising awareness of quality hoof care. I have been putting in a lot of effort on raising the awareness of how important it is to a horse to receive regular hoof care and problem hoof treatment received from well-educated farriers and plan to share this with attendees.

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