Brian Hampson
Farrier & Researcher (AUS)

Dr Brian Hampson completed a PhD on the feral and wild horse foot with Prof Chris Pollitt in 2011. Since then he has become a farrier, completing qualifications in the USA with Bob Smith and an apprenticeship with Vet/farrier Charlotte Von Zardo in Germany.

Brian works as a part time farrier, continues with hoof research and spends a lot of time in the NT desert researching and working with brumbies. Brian has 18 peer reviewed published papers and regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars. Brian presents hoof research from the point of view of a scientist, farrier and horseman.


Free roaming horses feet: the good, the bad and the ugly


This presentation will discuss the relationship between the environment and the bare foot using free roaming horses from several different countries as models. It bring together 10 years of research and observations by Hampson and Pollitt into an interesting and pictorial summary.


An interesting focus on foot anatomy- hands on interactive workshop (Combined presentation with Prof Chris Pollitt)


During this presentation Chris and Brian will share some of their functional anatomy knowledge delivered in the way that farriers like: hands on, 3D and interactive. They will discuss distal limb and hoof function while a cadaver limb is loaded on a hydraulic press at gallop load and tendons are cut one by one. There will be a demonstration of hoof circulation by cannulating the major blood vessels of a loaded distal limb. Pressure sensors will be inserted into the foot dermal structures while limbs are loaded with various trimming and shoeing techniques to demonstrate the effect of farriery on lamellar and sole loading. Feet will be cut in 3 planes using a portable band saw to discuss the 3D architecture of the hoof wall, sole and suspensory apparatus of the distal phalanx. This will be an interactive session with an open floor.



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